What’s in my Bag!

Hi everyone!

Heather asked me to put together a little something as a follow up to her “Meet the Team” article on me last week.  I’m so excited to write my first blog post!

I thought I’d kick off by digging into my bag and showing you items I ALWAYS have on hand to help keep my make up looking fresh throughout the day.  Here we go…

1.  A good lip balm.  I love Carmex. It’s nourishing on my lips and gives winter dryness the flick!  Buy now.

Lip balm

2.  Cheek and Lip Tint. I always carry a cheek and lip tint in my bag to freshen up blush and lips when I’m out and about.  I love Stila’s Convertible Colour as they come in a great range of colours for every skin tone.  Buy now.

Lip Tint

3.  Blot Powder.  This is especially handy in summer when we’re hot and sweaty!  Dab your face first with a tissue to remove any excess moisture then blot your face with this powder.  It’s great because it doesn’t add any extra colour which can sometimes become cakey.  I love Latonas blot powder compact, the perfect little size to fit into the cosmetics purse in your handbag.  Buy now.

Blot powder

4.  Face Mist.  This is a beauty essential ESPECIALLY in winter! There are many products on the market which will refresh your make up and help it to last longer. I love the Dermalogica facial mist. Its size is perfect for my handbag!  Buy now.

Facial Mist

5.  Hand Cream.  I love hand cream….I can’t stand when my hands feel 100 years old and look it too from dry skin!  I love this little hand cream from W cosmetics….it’s pretty gimmicky but I kinda like that!  Buy now.

Hand Cream

So there you have it – my top five must haves.

Feel free to comment below with any make up related blog posts you’d like to see in the future – we’d love to hear from you!


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